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Hmmm... It's occured to me that I haven't posted a list of the current Pokemon that I collect in a VERY LONG time! I believe it's been like 4 years since I've last made a post. Well, I'm finally about to change that. Here goes nothing! Ta-da! :D

Pokemon Collections (Including Alt. Formes):

And there's my list!

Maybe sometime in the future I'll do a new collection update (If I don't get too lazy or forget about it that is, lol). I really need to clean up my room first (My stuff is pretty much scattered everywhere).

Until next post (Whenever that'll be)! Bye!

Feedback Post

Any feedback from purchases, sales, or trades with me will go here.

Post(Comments) can include, but are not limited to:

Item(s): Name of the item(s) sold, bought, or traded.
Ratings: Go between 1/5 for the said item sold, brought, or traded.
Extra Comments: Share what your thoughts were about the item, shipping, etc.

Dragon Trio Collection thus far...

My small collection so far that I hope will grow during the summer. And my favorite out of the three is Dialga, then Giratina, and last but not least, Palkia.

Just Starting

Ok! I finally managed to get an account on Live journal, but I don't really know any of the communities or people yet so I'm a little nervous about that. So I am a collector of Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Sonic and other Nintendo stuff like figurines and plushies. If there are any communities out there that will accept a person like me, someone please let me know.

I'm also busy with high school so I may not post up journals very often. I would like to make some new friends possibly in the future.